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Related article: Date: Tue, 2 Jan 2007 11:32:53 -0800 (PST) From: D One Subject: After They're GoneThe house was strangely quiet. His Mother had gone with her relatives to their hometown for the rest of the week. His Dad went to work. His brother was stationed far away.The house was noisy, clammering with cousins, aunts and uncles, and friends of the parents. His bedroom was full of sleeping bags and snoring cousins.But they were all gone now. The place was quiet..even traffic sounds didn't seem to exist. He kicked his legs out of the bed and stood stretching. Shucking his calvins, he went into the bathroom to piss his morning load and shower.Then Abe walked down the stairs into the quiet and semi dark living room. He felt not only very alone but relaxed.Cereal in a bowl and milk..that was his goal. He stood naked in the kitchen looking out the window when the back door bell rang.Without thinking he looked out and saw one of his buddies from school, Kenny so he opened the door."Wow look at you" Kenny smiled.Abe realized he was naked, "oh sorry man just got up, i'll go get dressed""You alone today?""yea" Abe replied stopping."Then don't bother" Kenny said and stripped off his shirt and shorts in one fluid motion so he too was naked."Got some cereal for me?"The two boys ate the cereal and talked about the holidays for awhile."Hey remember you and that table?" Kenny said laughing.It had been the morning after graduating parties. They stumbled in and were a combination of drunk and stoned. Like today the house was empty. Abe's Dad purposely sent his wife out of town after the ceremony the day before and he was already at work.Each boy sat around drinking beer, "Ok we each get one last wish from the others" one boy announced "Nobody can refuse and nobody talks about it later"Kenny wanted to suck a cock and was soon shirtless on his knees sucking Chuck's cock while the others watched and urged them on."I want to fuck Abe right here on this table" Sammy said and everyone laughed. It was common knowledge that Abe's bubble butt was admired by many, male and female alike.Abe muttered some sort of obsenity but the others said he had to oblige and was moved to the table face down and his trousers lowered. Somone got some butter from the frige and Sammy got his wish."I want to fuck him too" Kenny yelled but the others said he already had his wish so Abe started to get up."No not yet, it's my turn" Chuck said pushing Abe on his back onto the table."But you already came" Kenny yelled."Man I'm a horny teenager" and he pushed Abe's legs back and pushed his cock into the boys upturned ass.The others were jacking their cocks watching and one by one took their turns and spraying Abe with second loads."I don't care what you say" Kenny said and he pushed his cock in last and smiled down at his best friend as he fucked him then and there. It wasn't the first time he did it to Abe..but Preteen Models Cp that first time was so very long ago."Yea I remember it well" Abe said "it was only a few months ago man"."Hey let me call some of the guys to come over today" Kenny, who's cock had hardened remembering that day, fumbled in his discarded jeans for his cell phone."But they're all away at college or something" Abe said absentmindedly pulling on his own expanding cock."Not yet" Kenny smiled.It wasn't long until more and more of them came to the back door. Beers were passed around and clothes were shed.Abe had already sucked on Kenny's cock while they were waiting and now he knew what was expected.The table felt good to his back and he held his ankles. It was time to really celebrate the holidays."Hey I'm first" Chuck announcedBy the time Abe's Dad came home all had gone except Kenny. Abe was asleep."So what did you boys do today" the man asked the still shirtless boy. Kenny had pulled on his jeans when he heard the man's car."OH we relived some old times. He's exhausted and sleeping" Kenny said as he stood.The man touched his smooth chest and nipples."Hmmm good, I need some relief from the holidays and the day at work"Kenny smiled then remembered what he was supposed to do. "Yes SIR"He got on his knees to serve the man he had learned to serve since graduating."He'll be back at college monday, the wife is gone for another week, so you can report to me Monday right boy?" Abe's dad said"yes SIR" Kenny said."OK get upstairs and get those clothes off"Kenny had been discovered still naked and sucking Abe after the others had gone that day. Abe's Dad didn't say anything but told Kenny that after he was through he should Preteen Models Cp come up to his room and that began something new for both of them.Abe heard the noises and sighed. He knew what was going on and went down the hall opening the door to watch his Dad fucking his best friend.Abe jacked his cock watching.After all the holidays weren't really over yet.
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